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WDW Opinion - A Weekly Podcast About Walt Disney World

Mar 25, 2019

Are We Supposed to Hate These Disney World Attractions? - WDW Opinion Podcast Ep. 35

Last week we discussed the rides we’re supposed to love at Disney World. While recording that episode we realized that the classics, while old and somewhat outdated are still worth loving. They're the rides that just hold up. Call it...

Mar 18, 2019

The Disney World Rides You’re Supposed to Love - WDW Opinion Ep. 34

A couple weeks ago I posted a photo on Facebook and Instagram. It was of the entrance to it’s a small world. Now this is an iconic attraction for sure but I posed a question in my caption. Do we actually hate it’s a small world or do we really...

Mar 11, 2019

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Part II: Interview With Mike Farnham - WDW Opinion Ep. 33

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, we’ve talked about it plenty over the previous months but just as we discuss one piece of news we learn of another that we just have to talk about. Last week Disney held a three day press event that has now...

Mar 4, 2019

WDW Opinion Ep. 32 - Interview With Performer & YouTuber Roxy Darr

I love being a part of the Disney community. Ever since I started WDW Opinion I’ve gotten the ability to interact with so many incredible people. It’s a community filled with passionate and caring people and while our bond is through Disney we’ve...