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WDW Opinion - A Weekly Podcast About Walt Disney World

Apr 27, 2020

When Everything Goes Wrong on Your Disney World Trip, Here’s What You Do - WDW Opinion Ep. 82

In today’s episode Hank and I both come up with our perfect Disney World days. These days are completely grounded in reality and are filled with activities that the average guest can have access to. We’re both looking...

Apr 20, 2020

Onward Movie Review: Why This Is Pixar’s Most Important Film - WDW Opinion Ep. 81

For many of us Opinioneers out there during this crazy time, Disney+ has become a platform we probably now turn to almost daily. The streaming service can offer an escape from reality in a time when many people might need it.

In this...

Apr 6, 2020

Quarantine. It’s so in right now. It’s the trend that everyone’s doing...because we have to. This got us thinking...if you could be quarantined or stuck in one Disney World location where exactly would that be.

JUST ANNOUNCED: The Walt Disney Studios Announces New Dates for Upcoming Films